Top 9 Best Things to Buy under 50 Dollars (for the Wannabe Travel Geek)

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I just got back from a beautiful family vacation in Miramar Beach, Florida.  My roommate, during my time there was my daughter’s half-sister, who is 14.   Taking a peek at her travel gadgets and accessories (she had a neck pillow for God sake) I realized that as a self-proclaimed travel fanatic, my travel accessory game was feeble.

My sister was right.  How could I be out here traveling without at least a travel charger for my iPhone?

I want to be a travel geek.  And everybody knows that a travel geek must have serious travel gear and accessories to be taken seriously.  In this article, we’re going to be doing some window shopping.  I will be discussing the top 9 best things to buy under 50 dollars from Amazon for the wannabe travel geek.

Luggage and Travel Gear

Luggage is a pet peeve of mine.  Frankly, I don’t like traveling with luggage.  I prefer carrying a backpack, but I will admit that there are times when you can’t get around it – like if you need to take a lot of shoes.  So let’s take a look at options for luggage and travel gear.

1. AmazonBasics Hardshell Spinner Luggage

I like the sleek and rich look of this luggage.  And what a great price – just under $50.  Here are some other great features:

  • hardshell so no worries about your stuff getting smushed inside
  • the telescoping handle
  • double spinner wheels mean a smoother ride your things


2. Travel Weekender Overnight Carry-on Shoulder Duffel Tote Bag

Since I travel with a backpack it is essential that I also take a big huge-ass bag for the extra necessary stuff such as hand lotion, sanitizer, my passport, bedroom slippers – sort like a purse but bigger.   The Travel Weekender Overnight Bag is the perfect, cutest bag that I could rock as a purse and would be perfect for that personal item bag the airlines allow you to carry.  Here are some other great features:

  • comes in black and white polka dots or striped pattern
  • back side sleeve so you can slide the bag over the handle of your luggage
  • and most importantly – padded inside sleeve so you could carry your laptop in it


3.  OlarHike Travel Backpack

I am currently trying out this travel backpack.  So far…so good.  I took it with me on the family vacation to Florida and was pleasantly surprised as to how much I could get in this backpack.  It’s lightweight and it folds up into a 9 X 8 X 1.5 bag once you’re done with it.   The real test will be my upcoming trip to New York City.  I’ll keep you posted!

P.S. This travel backpack could also moonlight as the perfect daypack.


Beauty and Personal Care

4. Travel Makeup Case

I love how small and compact this makeup case is.  And it’s jazzy looking.  I don’t wear a lot of make up so this works.    Here are some features:

  • trendy looking
  • hard sided case so no worries about getting crushed
  • keeps your makeup organized


5. Portable Travel Bottles with Travel Bag

These travel bottles are colorful, squeezable and comes with a travel bag,  And if you click on the “coupon” button located at the top near the product’s name you will receive $1 off.

  • reusable
  • don’t forget the coupon for $1 off
  • note: not suitable for facial wash that contains salicylic acid

Travel Accessories

6. Packing Cubes Organizer Bags

I’m going to try these out on my trip to NYC to bring some organization to my packing.  Usually I half-ass fold my clothes then shove them inside my backpack randomly.  Think of how much room I would save by rolling up my stuff then placing them inside one of these packing cubes.  Here are some of the features of the packing cubes:

  • comes with a set of 6 packing cubes in various sizes!  Surely one of these can fit in my backpack – maybe two can. Okay, no maybe one.
  • mesh design so your clothes can breathe – that’s important.
  • double zippered which is also a nice feature.


7.  GDTK Leather Passport Holder

Whip this out on the TSA Agent and gain instant cred(ibility).  And it comes in different colors, although the pink is blowing my mind and I must have it for my trip to NYC.


8. MLVOC Travel Pillow

I was on the fence about the neck pillow until I saw my daughter’s half sister (who’s 14, people) with one so now I feel like I should have one.  I mean I travel more than she does so obviously I need a neck pillow.  This particular neck pillow comes with earplugs which is perfect for the introvert who doesn’t feel like talking to the person next to you.  And it comes with…wait for it…an eye mask.  How cool is that?!


Electronic Travel Gadgets

9. Anker Power Core Portable Charger

I’m definitely in the market for a portable charger and I will be going with this one.  And I love that this one is so small and compact.  Here are some of these features:

  • fast charge
  • comes with a micro usb cable – which means I can charge my bluetooth.


I can see this list expanding as I move the needle closer toward the travel geek side of the dial.  If you feel like my list is lacking in one or two categories, please contact me at  Let me know why you like this particular travel accessory.

And try to keep it under $50 unless you’re a travel geek and it’s something a travel geek should have.  For my next article, I will be discussing why the woman over 50 who loves traveling should be buying her travel outfits from Old Navy.

Until next time!


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