The city of Jacksonville, Florida

For the past 6 years, I’ve had fantasies about living in either the coastal areas of Georgia, South Carolina or Florida.  And now after 30 years in Chicago, my prayers have been answered.  I now call the city of Jacksonville my new hometown.  I’m excited.

The possibilities for travel adventures are endless. I’m 40 minutes away from the beaches of Jacksonville.  I’m 1 hour from the coastal areas of Georgia, 2 hours from Savannah and just 4 hours away from one of my favorite destination; Charleston, SC.

And 10 hours from Paris, France by plane…

Photo by Augustin de Montesquiou on Unsplash

Here are some interesting facts about the city of Jacksonville:

  • the largest city in Florida with a population of over 1.6 million.
  • It is positioned along the Atlantic Ocean in the northeast corner of Florida.
  • The Johns River splits the city of Jacksonville into east and west; thereby making it impossible not to cross a bridge.
  • There are no beaches in the city of Jacksonville.  The beaches are part of a group of beach towns located along the Atlantic coast in the suburbs of Jacksonville.

city of Jacksonville

The older woman traveling solo

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida is all work and business suits.  It is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies.  Explore the downtown area and you will notice that not much goes on after business hours.  If you happen to be staying in one of Jacksonville’s downtown hotels; check out the Jacksonville Riverwalk. It’s perfect for the morning or late evening run.

Start your run/walk either on the North or Southbank of the Riverwalk…

city of Jacksonvill
Southbank Riverwalk

Cross the Alsop Bridge to the other side…

city of Jacksonville

And get your sweat on!

And if you are a lover of craft beer, don’t miss checking out the River City Brewing Company located on the Jacksonville South Riverwalk near Friendship Park.

What to do in downtown Jacksonville, Florida:


Airports near Jacksonville, Florida

The best airport to fly into when visiting the Jacksonville area is Jacksonville International Airport.  If you can’t find cheap flights to Jacksonville, Florida another option is to fly into Orlando International Airport, I have been known to take off from there.  Orlando International Airport is about an hour away from Jacksonville.



My journey

I’m committing to 30 days of yoga and meditation. The journey starts here.  Interested to see what destinations this amazing journey is going to taking me.

the journey from the mat


“Life is about the destination, not the journey”.